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Creating Communities

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Passionate about creativity and all that it can do, it is our mission to enable all children to enjoy the buzz of making something beautiful, to develop skills, express imagination, grow in self confidence and to reach their full creative potential. We do this in a number of ways:


     By providing a range of free educational resources that have been especially designed to get children thinking creatively along with developing literacy,language and a whole load of other skills too.


     By hosting free art and craft workshops for children in our local community. We offer  hands on art and craft sessions that provide an opportunity for children to explore their creativity using different materials and techniques, enabling them to feel the wonderful sense of achievement that making things bring. 


     We sell a range of craft kits, books and educational materials which offer an affordable way for children to make, learn and create at home. 10% of all sales is used to buy and donate craft materials and equipment to organisations that offer creative outlets to children going through difficult times.


It is our aim to make creative learning accessible to all irrespective of social, economic or geographic restraints. Every child has the right to reach their full potential and know the joys of throwing paint and glitter around!







A mother of four, home educator,  early years practioner and an English teacher Emma is an ardent advocate of learning through play and creative activities.  She has seen first hand and many times over the difference that art and crafts can make to a child's learning experience and personal development. Through Artylingua she hopes to share her knowledge of education and love of  creative arts to enable all children, whereever they are or whatever their ability to enjoy the benefits of learning creatively. In a world that is forever focused on results and speed Artylingua is about enjoying the process, taking time and having fun on the learning journey.

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